Current Night Skincare

Okay, I think the #1 most asked for thing I consistently get, is to share my skincare routine. I always struggled with the idea of sharing it because I change it so often. I LOVE, like really love, skincare. So I have a lot of products. Some of them do the same things and some of them seemingly do nothing. But I change my routine based on what I think my skin needs. But I bit the bullet and shared a reel with what I’ve been doing in the evenings (this week anyways). But now a bunch of you asked for links to the specific products. So here is the list…just in time for the current sale going on at SEPHORA!!!!!! I’d also like to note that some of links you are clicking on are through a website that gives me a very small commission if you buy something. So if you do buy, thank you so much for supporting me and using my link.

Oil Cleanser – it just melts your makeup and then washes away so easily with water.

Clarifying Cleanser – This is the ONLY cleanser I ever want to use. It has helped with my hormonal acne sooooo much. It’s a little pricey, but totally worth it. I usually only need 1-3 bottles a year.

Exfoliator – This one is new to me, but I am loving it.

Brow/Lash Serum – Love this company because they are small family owned and all natural, they also offered a discount of 20% with “Chelsea20”

Face Serum – I am rotating heavily between this one and THIS one.

Eye Cream – Not going to lie, I am out of my favorite HERE but will use this one until it’s gone

Moisturizer – I clearly have a thing for this brand. My skin just responds so well to them.

Pimple cream – By far the best cream I have ever used. It’s the only thing I’ve used for years now.

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