Amazon Workout Fits

I do my best not to buy too frequently from Amazon because I like the idea of supporting small businesses directly and I certainly hadn’t considered getting my leggings there. But recently I had three different instances where woman had told me they got their cute workout gear from, you guessed it, Amazon. I decided to do a little search for myself. Definitely found some cute thangs, but it’s hard to know what will be good quality and how they’ll fit. I decided to give one company a try instead of multiple, just to dip my toe & test the waters but I got a few pieces. They were sold out of some of the matching ones in my size, and I was really unsure which size to do. I am usually an XL but it just depends on the brand. So often I find that they fit everywhere great but are a little too big in my waist.

Well…..lemme tell you!!!!! These babies snatched my waist like no other. I looked very curvy in them in the best possible way. I mean judge for yourself below!!!

You can find this top HERE

& and the bottoms HERE
Top HERE & Bottoms HERE

I ended up getting one top in an XL and one L I prefer the fit of the L. Then I have no need for a sports bra. Bottoms I decided on a L and I am so happy with that choice. I’d personally would rather workout gear be slightly too small than too big. Happy sweating ladies!!

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