Don’t let anyone with bad brows tell you shit about life!

I once had awful brows, so I wouldn’t have listened to me back then. But now they’re great….so listen up folks!

Sssssooooo would I even be a nineties baby if I didn’t go through a terrible brow phase?! I think not!

I had the most beautiful natural bushy brows growing up, so naturally I was teased endlessly about them. I begged my mom to let me get them done and when she told me no, I took matters into my own hands. And things went from okay, to treacherous in a matter of months. I started off a bit slow, but then pulled out the big guns; a razor blade, and the dreaded magnified mirror. UUUUUUGGGHHHHHH curse the person who intended those damn mirrors!!!!! (shaking my fist at you right now)

So right now your are probably thinking…she’s over reacting. And so what you are about to see is actually me. A much younger me, although you cannot tell from the photos, I think I actually look older than I do right now. The brows really support the whole face, and my face was clearly on the verge of falling off if that’s true.

Okay, so I’ve clearly come a long ways in the brow department. I was growing them out, mostly because I started modeling and a great set of brows are coveted in this industry. It was a very rough period of random hairs, but I finally started to get back to my natural shape. Unfortunately I hit a plateau in my growth and was left with bald spots and patchy eyebrows. So I literally tried every growth product under the sun for both eyelashes and eyebrows. Some may have helped a bit, but nothing was bringing me back to my full glory. I became an expert at filling them in! Most people had no idea that I was reverse brow balding. But it took me sssooooo long to get it right.


Just a few short years ago, I saw this new thing that people were doing called mircobladding. I was intrigued, but weary because it’s basically a tattoo on your face. I waited a couple years before I decided I was interested, then I saw a few people who had it done irl. Some of them were not great and some were incredible. So I decided that if I was going to do it, I would only do it with THE BEST. I finally booked an apt, but her wait list was a year long. Man, talk about having to have patience! For that entire year I did next to nothing to my brows but tweeze the middle to prevent a unibrow.

Here are my brows before the apt

During the numbing process


Immediately after my first apt

What I didn’t know was at my first apt they were only going to put a few strokes in my brows to test the color, and see how I heal. I was a little disappointed that I would have to wait another 3-4 months to actually have my dream brows.

Here are my brows before my second apt

Here they are immediately after my second apt (this may have actually been the next day)

Now, I literally gave my brow gal free reign. I said to myself, “she is the best in the bizzzzz, let the lady work her magic”. And I am a little disappointed that I did that. Here’s why, I let her tweeze me and I feel like she tweezed more than I liked and the arch was too high making the space between my eye and brow too big. So I felt a little bald for about 3 months. I really love a feathered fluffy brow and I felt too sculpted. Lesson learned, people cannot read your damn mind Chelsea.

Here is an up close difference between my first apt with no tweezing, and the second with all the tweezing done.



Here’s what they look like a few months after my apt (with no makeup)

Here’s what they look like when I add a little makeup to make them a bit more fluffy if you will.




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  1. They look amazing!! You’re so lucky to have such beautiful thick brows you were able to grow in – the microbladding looks really natural. So important to go somewhere that does good work. Great post for those that want to know what to expect!

    1. Thanks Jill, still working on my dream brows. But I’d say I’m more that 1/2 way there ❤️❤️

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