It’s Not Just a Rash

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I cannot believe that it’s October already!! Where did the year go?? 

October is not only eczema awareness month, but it’s the start of cooler weather, which is a great relief from the hot temperatures of CA. As a child, I hated people seeing my skin and really didn’t want my skin in the sun because if I got a tan where my eczema was, I would have white patches where the rash used to be when it healed. These days, I’m happily frolicking the beach in a swimsuit, (living in CA I can usually do so until November) but with cooling temperatures eventually comes cold winds and the drying effects of a heated home. All of which does not fair well for anyone suffering with eczema. I personally have dealt with eczema nearly my entire life and winters can sometimes get real ugly. My skin is already dry, has flakey patches, and sometimes cracks to the point of bleeding. Not to mention that if I scratch too much, I get sore raw spots. 4H6A4265

For the past few years I’ve been fortunate enough to have my eczema limited to mostly my hands and feet. My hands can get incredibly painful, I often get small blisters that burst and cause my hands to itch more and even swell. The good news is that it isn’t as unsightly as my feet. My feet can get so ugly that I’ve had to wear makeup on them for work and I’ve had many manicurists that are afraid to give me pedicures and ask me if “it” is contagious. 

I used to feel a lot of shame and embarrassment around my feet, but ultimately I find comfort In the fact that every time I talk about it, people either have it themselves or they know someone close to them who also has eczema. It’s still a total shock to me that over 30 million people in the US suffer from the skin condition. 

I’ve spent the last few years figuring out what causes my eczema and working on my gut health, but the one thing that has not changed is the products I use. Sure, I’ve tried other products, I’ve probably tried every over the counter product on the market, but I know what works best for me and my skin and it’s always been Aveeno. 


I have a bit of a routine when I start to get a flare up, often if I catch it early enough then I can manage it better. First thing I do is I limit my sugar & gluten intake and then I work to treat the surface of my skin with the help of my line up of Aveeno Eczema Therapy products. After a shower and before I am completely dry, I like to apply the Moisturizing Cream. I don’t just limit it to my hands and feet though, I also use it anywhere I am dry because it is so moisturizing and gentle. I like to do it right out of the shower to lock in the skin’s moisture. 


The hand cream is something I carry with me everywhere so I can reapply after each time I wash my hands, but I also like to apply it just before bed. I feel like it really gets a chance to soak in; sleeping through the night provides the longest amount of time I go without washing my hands.  4H6A4255

And lastly, my favorite and most prized product from the Aveeno Eczema Therapy line is the Itch Relief Balm. I am most itchy on my feet and at night for some reason, so I keep this on my bedside table. I’ve had many sleepless nights before this balm and the lack of sleep was not helping my condition. So I just apply this as needed; sometimes that’s before bed, sometimes in the middle of the night and even midday. 


I’ve talked about these products before, and I’m happy to continue talking about them because they work. I no longer feel the need to spend a ton of money to try all the new products that come out because Aveeno has been around for over 70 years, and they are affordable and trustworthy. These soothing products care for the four symptoms of eczema: itch, roughness, dryness and irritation. You can find their products at many retailers, but you can click here to get them for under $30 each at 

If you’re tired of unmanageable eczema take control with your diet, and then make managing it easy with Aveeno. They are the #1 dermatologist recommended over-the-counter eczema moisturizer in the US. So if my recommendation isn’t enough, ask your doctor!


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  1. I don’t have eczema but I DO really love Aveeno’s stress relief lotion, smells so good and their products really are affordable! I’ll be sure to mention how much their products have helped you to a couple people I know with eczema!

  2. I have been struggling with eczema for the past 5 yrs. It’s a horrible feeling during a flare up. The itch is unbearable at times. I feel so ugly & I get too embarrassed to show the rash to a provider. I have gone to Dermatology numerous times I get a steroid cream and moisturizer. This blog gave me a lot of insight. Thank you! I’m tired of the steroids which only lead to temporary relief. I have always had a feeling that sugar was a trigger for me. I guess now I need to try to eliminate it from my diet.

    1. Hi Heather,
      I hear you! Took me a lifetime of torture to finally understand that I couldn’t fix it with creams and the 2 years of REALLY bad flare ups to actually get to the root of the problem.
      I hope you are able to find what causes yours and finally stop the cycle as well!!!


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