New Support in the New Year

It’s a new year!!!! Which for many means new resolutions and new goals. I personally don’t look to a new year to start new goals, you can have new goals and resolutions at any time…but to each their own. With that said, new year, new bra, same me! That’s right, I decided to try a new bra this year! I’m a pretty busty gal so I tend to stick with the bras I’ve always used and I don’t like to try new ones because it’s hard work finding the right fit and look! That was until Trusst Lingerie! I gave their “Suzanne” (a lacy demi cut) a run for the last couple weeks. I am pleasantly surprised at how comfortable their designs are. 
Because of my day job, I tend to go for more plain, nude, smooth…boring bras. I have to wear something that looks nonexistent and perfecting under any material or color. So it was nice to have something in my lingerie drawer that actually has a little bit of color and something I could call pretty. The bra has fuller coverage than I’m used to as well, and again it was nice not to have to worry about constantly checking to make sure I was not spilling out of the top. The straps were a bit wider than most of my bras, but the funny thing is, I didn’t feel like they needed to be thicker. I had so much support. I couldn’t understand why there didn’t seem to be much weight on my shoulders. (see the photo below, NO dents on my shoulders)
That is until I went to Trusst’s website and read up a bit on their design. They build their bra’s with something called the BAST system and it redistributes the weight of your bust onto your core instead of leaving the weight on the small straps on your shoulders. They have a 3D structure just under the bust and I’ve never felt anything like it in a bra before, they also have a flexible polymer structure integrated into the cups. So when you touch it, it’s a little more stiff. With the structure of these two designs, the soft foam cups, padded thick straps and moisture wicking antimicrobial jersey lining, it leads to one of the most comfortable bras I’ve ever worn! 
Now, with that said, I will say every woman I know has always talked about how much they hate wearing bras. They can’t wait till they get home so they can take it off. I have NEVER been that woman. I am more comfortable in a bra than without. I don’t know if it’s my size but I feel more secure and supported and therefore more comfortable in a bra, even when I sleep. I know…I am weird…but it is what it is! So sometimes when I crave more comfort around the house or when going to bed, I would change into a sports bra. This Suzanne bra from Trusst has replaced my sports bra, they offer the same if not more of the comfort level that I was getting from a seamless stretchy sports bra. I found that after a long day at work, when I had to wear my “work” bra, I was coming home and changing into my new Trusst bra. And let me tell you…my fiancé wasn’t complaining either. 
Now, on to fit. I find that I tend to be different sizes in many different brands. So I’m always skeptical to order bras online. But Trusst has a “Find My Fit” section on their website. The fit finder asks for 2-3 simple measurements (so you will need a measuring tape) and it tells you the size you should order. I was still skeptical as to how accurate this could be, so I got a couple sizes. I was genuinely astonished that the size that fit best was the size that the fit finder suggested, a 36H. 
Overall, if you are looking for a bra that lifts, separates, supports and is comfortable….look no further! Check out Trusst Lingerie HERE. They were also kind enough to offer $10 off any order!!!! Just use coupon code XOXO when you check out!!
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