Straight from the hair heavens

Q: Do you preferred to style dirty or clean hair?
A: Clean Or second day hair. I’m all about less is more. If your hair is a few days dirty, the build up can make it harder to style and doesn’t always smell the freshest, regardless of dry shampoo.
Q: Favorite salt spray?
A: Catwalk texturizing sea salt spray. I LOVE this stuff and have turned many a hairdresser onto it. It’s lightweight, non sticky and smells amazing. It can also be used to add texture when hair is dry or even as a root lift when hair is wet.
Q: Favorite hairspray?
A: I love Kenra Volumizing spray or Tresemme Tres Two for a stronger hold. Both of which smell great!  Or I love a classic L’Oréal Elbert or Sebastian Shaper for a lighter brushable hold. Both of which smell… not so great haha.
Q: Favorite texturizing spray?
A: I often use salt spray and dry shampoo for texturizing but I also love Dallas by R&Co. It’s categorized as a thickening spray and usually is dried into wet hair, however, you can also use it when hair is dry.
Q: Favorite dry shampoo?
A: I love AG for colored dry shampoo, for those with darker hair or red hair. For Blondes I love Batiste. It is the best because I feel like it absorbs the oil without drying the hair and it makes your hair feel light and clean. Some dry shampoos leave a residue or build up making your hair feel dirtier.
Q: Favorite hot tools brand?
A: Bayliss titanium or Hot Tools marcel irons are my favorite. Affordable, long-lasting and they work amazing.
Q: Use a heat protector or are they overrated?
A: I mean… If your hair is real fragile and broken I would recommend using a heat protectant spray. Mostly you should be aware of how often you heat style to begin with.  Sebastian and S factor both make one that adds a little bit of shine.  I would actually recommend a spray over putting an oil to protect your hair. Some oils will actually heat up more under the hot tools causing more damage.  Make sure you get tools that are ceramic (to seal down your cuticle) and have a heat dial, so you can customize the heat used on your hair.
Q: If you were going to recommend one product or item to splurge on or spend a little extra money on what would it be and why?
A: I’m a firm believer in foundations so I also recommend getting a higher quality shampoo and conditioner to take care of your hair. Especially if you are color treating it. If you aren’t starting out with the right foundation, everything else won’t matter.  Look for sulfate-free formulas, try to stay away from drugstore brands that typically have abnormally high PH levels.  Your hair ages just like your skin, so make sure you are giving it the extra treatments it needs like a hair mask once a month.
Q: Who is your dream hair client?
A: I’m pretty easy. As long as they well taken care of hair and are fun to talk to it is a dream for me. If I had to choose an actual person. I think Julia Roberts has an amazing mane. I would love to get my hands on it haha.
Q: Dream Hair job?
A: That’s hard to say, I feel like any job where I’m in atmosphere of creative freedom and I get to work with fun energetic people sounds like the dream to me. I love shooting studio work, but some of my best days have also been chatting and working with clients in the salon all day. So I guess creative freedom+good people= perfect job.
Q: Lastly if you could use only one product for the rest of your life what would it be?
A: That’s a terrible question to ask anyone in the beauty industry. We all have too much and we love to try new things! I’m just going to assume shampoo and conditioner are a given and included. I would have to go with a light buildable hairspray like Elnett or Shaper. You can create almost any hairstyle with it.  It’s a must have!

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